WIFI and Network cable installation

WIFI and Data cabling is so important these days and with many devices within the home or business that need connected to the internet and the outside world, why not have it installed right. People are able to get faster speeds than ever before, but still have problems with the coverage within the home or office.

We at DVV Cabling ltd and our specialist engineering team know how to help with any problems.

  • Enhance WIFI coverage, poor signal areas, WIFI – Black spots
  • Smart TVs and Streaming
  • Home Networks
  • On-line Gamers

We specialize in home Network installations and making sure everything runs smooth and simple. So if it only a single data point or you want a full home network installation, let us help sort out your problem.

Our experience and knowledge of getting the best from your provider is second to none. All providers will offer you the speed that you feel is right for you and a monthly cost will only guarantee this but in most cases you may be paying too much or have the wrong service in place. We can carry out a full survey and let you know what may or may not be the best solution needed for you and your devices. On average there could be 20+ devices on a standard home network at any one time, but not operating to their best ability.

Just a few devices that will work better if the right system is in place:

  • Smart TVs – ( Netflix, Prime TV, YouTube-etc  ) Phones, Fire-Stick TV, I Pads,  Play stations, Xbox, PC, Laptops,  CCTV systems, SKY Q boxes, smart lighting, Nest or smart thermostats Printers, Amazon Alexa device

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