TV Aerial Installation & Maintenance

As Digital TV takes off it will be even more important that you use trained engineers who use the correct equipment to ensure you have trouble free viewing when you renew your aerial. So if you require a new TV Aerial or Satellite System be sure to contact  DVV Cabling Ltd. for a professional installation every time!

In October 2005, the Government announced that all t.v’s in the UK will switch from analogue to digital by 2012 with Northern Ireland being last to make the switch over. This means that all transmitters will switch on to digital, and all you will need to do is to make sure your t.v aerial is able to receive digital signals, and have some form of digital tv equipment if you still want to keep receiving tv signals ie. A Freeview box or a t.v with built-in Freeview.

Freeview offers over 90 channels of t.v and radio most of which there is no subscription.
At present you must live in an area that has coverage for Freeview, to check this enter your postcode at If you are told that you cannot get Freeview in your postcode area, there is a good chance you can, but you may have to put up a larger and better digital aerial to receive a good signal.

Our engineers carry a comprehensive range of aerials and booster, all aerials are set using a digital meter so that so that you can receive the strongest signal available. We can also call out and perform a signal test if needed as in some cases large trees or buildings may cause interference with your signal, or call our office and ask for technical services.
Prices for a digital aerial fitted start from £ 80.00 – £ 140.00 depending on what equipment is needed, and come with 1 year parts guarantee.

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